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double Vector2/3 experiment

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Aug 3, 2010 at 11:02 PM
As an experiment, I took the Vector2, Vector3, Matrix, and related classes and functions for the Silverlight FP3 project and converted them to use doubles instead of floats. I was surprised to find that this appeared to have no appreciable impact on performance in any of the TestBed samples that I tried. In fact the pyramid sample the physics step was actually a tiny bit faster using doubles than with floats (by roughly 1-2 ms on 32-bit windows - not a scientific measurement). Of course I wouldn't attempt this on xbox360. Has anybody done something similar and noted any changes in stability or performance (better or worse than using floats)? I'm considering using a "double" version of farseer for my PC/Silverlight projects, in the hope that it might improve stability slightly.