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Understanding Farseer Performance

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Aug 20, 2010 at 10:12 PM

I am working on a Silverlight game for WP7. I have a canvas with an ellipse that I am successfully adding the canvas (with the ellipse on it) to the simulation, and moving it around the way I want to.

all good...

Now, I want to make it look good. Say I do a lot of other things in the canvas; transforms, gradients, etc (not going crazy, but you get the point). What effect does that have on Farseer?

Can I tell Farseer to ignore everything but the ellipse for collissions, etc?

Is it possible to even make the original ellipse nearly invisible, but keep it there for collissions, and you just see the other elements?

Best practices?

Say I have a simple canvas, and add it to the farseer simulation. Then I bound something on a visual canvas (over the top of the Farseer root canvas) to the location of the canvas that Farseer sees. Is this performant? Good/bad idea?