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Using the MKS system...

Sep 3, 2010 at 2:14 AM

Since FP3 now uses the MKS system, whats the best way to work out the new units (if you don't want to use a custom projection matrix). Assuming I have a square located at (50,50) pixels, and its dimensions are (100,100) pixels, if I am right and the 'pixels to meters' calculator I used does its job properly, in FP3 the location should be (0.013229167,0.013229167) meters and the dimensions (0.026458333,0.026458333) meters? Or is it just the size of objects that are measured in meters therefore the position will still be at (50,50) pixels and the dimensions of the fixture (0.026458333,0.026458333)...? 

- Cheers, Tristan.