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FPE 3.0 units conversion

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Sep 22, 2010 at 8:40 PM


Quick question: I am using screen management just same like in TestBed, and there I have:

public Vector2 ConvertScreenToWorld(int x, int y)
      float u = x / (float)_viewportWidth;
      float v = (_viewportHeight - y) / (float)_viewportHeight;

      Vector2 p = new Vector2();
      p.X = (1.0f - u) * _lower.X + u * _upper.X;
      p.Y = (1.0f - v) * _lower.Y + v * _upper.Y;

 return p;
Could somebody guide me how to get WorldToScreen conversion? It would be great, because I cannot put any texture on the body without it. Thanks in advance!