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Converting Image to Geom (per pixel collision)

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Mar 8, 2008 at 3:59 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm doing a 2D game with a friend and we're using your farseer engine (that is great by the way). But we have some newbie's problems with the collision... He's doing the graphic arts in .PNG(for transparence) and I use XNA 2.0 with your engine to Draw them.

However, we have some complex forms (bird , car, character) and we only used the rectangle geom to put them into your engine. The result is not so bad but as you can imagine, when the bird or the character fall on the ground, hitting it like a box, it's not as interesting as the real object effect... Do you have something to Convert an image to your geom? or anything else? (We attempt to do a per pixel collision)