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Line segment based terrain, art based level.

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Apr 19, 2011 at 10:04 PM

After some discussion here:

and realizing I was for now in over my head.  I wanted to tone it back a bit and figure out how to create a level that is line segment based (like the car game example that has the lines the car drives on) BUT has actual art that is visible to the player. (I am guessing a nice pretty texture the line segment traces, and then other pictures for background, and other non-colliding objects basically just graphics or sprites.

I figure this has to be easier but I still am not sure where to start.  I can get a line based segment demo up and colliding with my main actor no problem..attaching art to it is where I lose understanding:


Sure I could draw a nice grassy texture with hills and that for player to "Walk" along etc... in inkscape or photoshop or something.  But then how to attach collision to that?  Would I build an editor?  I know from the last discussion the physics coordinate system is different than the world coordinate system.  I also realize for now to do my "Scrolling" I am using a Camera2D and passing it into my SpriteBatch begins...not sure how robust how how much this will suite me in the future.


So are there any farseer examples out there on how to load an art based level (not using TerrainMS cause as far as I can tell thats complex and possibly over kill for what I need)