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Soft Body Physics

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May 26, 2011 at 8:18 PM

I have looked into Farseer physics engine and am very impressed with it.  I m planning to use it in my 2d game which is my college project.  I need to create a soft jelly like body but am not able to do it.  I ve been trying for almost a month now.  I even looked into the samples, there is a soft body in it, but when I try to use the same code in my game, I m not able to get it working.  I ve read farseer's manual, box2d's manual, every link that i get when google for help regarding this, but still nothing.  None of my friends or college faculty members are familiar with this engine.   I m not an expert at programming, may be that is what the problem.  So could you please help me with this.