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Problems with disabling bodies and proxy Ids (3.3.1)

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Jul 4, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Hi folks,

I've been using farseer to create a map editor and I've run into a problem and I'm afraid I need a little help. I've started creating some baddies before running the map, about 10 or so, then disabling the physics bodies on them so I can move and enable them later when I want them to spawn. The problem that I've found is that the bodies still seem to try to collide. The two bodies that are colliding are a wall, and one of the baddies. The baddy proxy ID is coming up as -1 which is clearly a problem as it's caught by an assert statement.

What does this mean and is there anything I've likely done wrong to cause this error?

If I don't disable the bodies I still get a crash because the angular velocity becomes NaN.

Should I only create a new baddy when I want to spawn one? I was hoping I could batch them but that depends if there's a simple fix to this solution.


Andrew "Grave" Mackie