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Two bodies with same speed?

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Jul 9, 2011 at 6:05 AM


I've attached a a body on to another body via the Line joint. However, when I set the linear velocity for the attached body same as the main body, they do not move at the same speed.

In-depth explanation:

There are actually three bodies involved. The main body is actually a dummy static body so that the attached body does not affect the actual body. However, since static bodies can't be affected by force, I set its position to the actual body and set the velocity of the attached body to that of the actual body. The attached body moves slower but I want it to move the same speed as the actual body..


The dampening and the frequency are both 0 for the Line joint. The mass, and other settings are the same for all bodies involved.


What am I doing wrong?


(Btw, the reason I'm doing three bodies is because of this: but this is for a different effect)