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Moto help

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Aug 9, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Hello =]
I'm trying to take the example of car you have in the scam, and use a bike, but after several settings, I can not make the bike work right, moto runs slowly, brings the tire is slipping/skating, and the bike takes too acelerate to run, can you help me?

  Gravity = new Vector2(0f, 10f);

Moto: (PolygonShape)
 Density: 2.0f
 Restitution: 0.2f;
 Friction: 1.0f;

Rear Wheel: (CircleShape)
 Density: 0.6f
 Restitution: 0.2f
 Radius: 1.0f 
 Friction: 0.2f

 Rear Spring: (LineJoint)
   Motor Speed: 100.0f;
   MaxMotorTorque: 50.0f;
   MotorEnabled: true;
   Frequency: 0.5f
   DampingRatio: 0.85f

Front Wheel: (CircleShape)
 Density: 0.7f
 Restitution: 0.2f
 Radius: 1.0f 
 Friction: 0.2f

 Front Spring: (LineJoint)
   Motor Speed: 0.0f;
   MaxMotorTorque: 10.0f;
   MotorEnabled: false;
   Frequency: 0.85f
   DampingRatio: 0.85f

Ground :  (BodyFactory.CreatePolygon)
   Friction: 0.6f;
   Density: 1.0f;

Thank you

Mar 29, 2012 at 1:07 PM

if anyone has any information or docs on what the above values represent (they come from the car demo) then could you please post.. thanks...