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Multiple bodies attached to 1 joint?

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Oct 30, 2011 at 3:08 AM


I am wondering if it is possible to attach multiple bodies to a single joint.  What I am trying to do is simulate a child holding 1 or more balloons which are attached to strings.  My first thought is to have a single anchor point on the child body and have the balloon string composed of several rectangular bodies, each attached to the other with revolute joints.  At one end of the string I will attach to the balloon body (with a revolute joint) and at the other end I will attach to the child body (with a revolute joint).

This seems reasonably straight forward to me for a single balloon and string; but will it also work for many balloons and strings?

As far as I can tell joints only take 2 bodies in their constructors; so I think I may need a different method to make this work.  Is creating a new joint for every balloon and string a bad idea?  Naturally the joints would overlap each other.  Is there a better way?

Any help is greatly appreciated.