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No EndContact event when changing CollidesWith

Nov 2, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Hi everyone,


In my game when I jump on an enemy, I received the BeginContact event. The enemy is then "killed", so he should not collide with me anymore, so I set his CollidesWith value to not collide with players anymore. The enemy still remains in the world, because he needs to fall down.

The problem is that when I do this an EndContact event is never fired.

I keep a list of all entities which I'm standing on and remove from it in the EndContact event handler, but if this event is not fired my actor thinks that he is always standing on something and then can always jump...


Is there a solution for this? Is it possible to receive the EndContact event even if the CollidesWith value is changed while there is still a contact?


Thanks for your help in advance!