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Problem with interpenetration

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May 24, 2008 at 12:15 AM
We have a platformy style game that we're just trying to put Farseer into (replacing our own handrolled 2d engine). The problem we are having is that our character can interpenetrate one of the small platforms and just hang there. With our last engine he would get pushed out onto the upper edge of the platform - how can we get similar behaviour out of Farseer?

We were using RectangleRigidBody, but switched to PolygonRigidBody because the effect of the Rectangles multiple vertices would mean that we would still interpenetrate, but then the character would freak out and jitter like crazy. With the RectangleRigidBody it just hangs there.

So obviously we want to be using RRB, but we want the push out to be smooth rather than crazy. :)

I'm not really the physics guy on the project, but it's such a simple problem I figured the answer would be as well.

Love the engine btw.