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Beats By Dre has become the most popular headphone around the world

Feb 6, 2012 at 5:25 AM

Has many beautiful scenery cannot miss when. Especially green floral time.Beats Dr Dre Then I at that time the trend of the environment as the muddled ground walk into society, cannot control their marriage work, it's hard to imagine that can't give yourself then leave some time, quietly ponder, what kind of life. It seems impossible to control his all, can do nothing about it.
In real life, there are many dazzling temptation and surprisingly troubles and helpless. People are always with emerge in endlessly all day of reckoning, a little wary of the micro busy. Do not over of every day finely trivia, in their eyes, as did not take care to calculate, it will be lose many, such as fame and fortune, money, and comfortable life. What all want to. Therefore itself. Perhaps these not and is not their original intention. Can have what idea again,Beats By Dre naked, cold reality could not make them leave a space that belongs to oneself.
People too busy to control their own, day not-mediocre yung, like the wind in the alarm clock, keep rotation drops. Eat to work, join in the fun, drink, chat, earn from work a little. All the time to live in invisible flow of secular drift with the current. Not worth it to some of the so-called things and trembling will life throws.Its lethargy or to kill the time, doing nothing. To follow a day again to send a day.When I was a young are fond, times as often tired the heartache of taste. Life's good tired, very miserably. Even know that is not what I need, also feeling empty life. Thanksgiving day.remember living breathing reality is so so,Monster Beats and ideal seem far away.