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Object getting stuck in the corner

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Aug 19, 2008 at 12:41 AM
I have two rectangular 'boundary' pieces sitting beside each other creating a corner.  The bottom piece is quite long and the side piece quite tall (2000 units) compared to the small object placed in the corner (50x100).  The seam between the two runs vertically.  When the small rectangular object is placed exactly in the corner of the two it will give me one incorrect contact normal.  The contact normal (out of Collide(Geom geometry1, Geom geometry2, ContactList contactList))  that is right in the corner faces outward, as if the smaller object was pushing the base 'boundary' from the side.  The second contact point normal away from the corner is ok and faces up as it should with gravity applied.
I manged to temp fix it by extending the 'boundary' object to overlap.  Has anyone encountered this before? 

I also did a test by creating a whole bunch of smaller base pieces lining them up and trying to pull the small object along the ground.  The small object would sometimes get stuck at the seams with what seemed like the same problem.

Thx, tdz