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Convert your game to run in the browser with Roozz

Aug 7, 2012 at 4:16 AM

As you might know, Farseer Physics have a link on the front page where you can run the Farseer Physics Engine 3.2 Simple Samples directly in your web browser. Try it out yourself now and then come back.

All that is needed is a plugin like Flash. You install it once and it simply works from then on. You don't need to spend time converting your game to Silverlight, Flash, Java or any of the online platforms. It can run games written in XNA, OpenGL, SDL and anything else - and best of all, at 100% native speeds!

They even have a platform where you can rent out your game. Your users can play the demo for free and when they would like to buy the game, they do it on your website. They will never have to install the game as Roozz streams it directly and they will never again loose another CD/DVD as it all runs in the cloud.

Give it a try! or contact them and they will email/call you right away and help you out.