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New to Farseer - please help

Sep 28, 2012 at 8:54 AM


I'm very new to Farseer.  I need to create balls that drop (i.e. gravity), and that will bounce against eachother as they drop - eventually coming to rest on the ground.

I have very little Silverlight knowledge, so I made a prototype in WPF, to see how easy it would be to do this with Farseer.    To do that - I took Farseer version 2.1.3 as this was the newest I could find with WPF examples.

Now I'm trying to take that WPF code into a Metro app - and it's all going wrong!  The balls pick up rotation, and spin frantically!  They suddenly get a force from no where and ping across the screen at tremendous speeds!  And worst of all, if two balls end up in a corner together (as naturally happens when they drop) then they vibrate against eachother for a few seconds, and then one disappears behind the other.

PLEASE help!

I don't know if I should upgrade my Farseer - if that's the problem - or if it's just a setting somehow.

Any advice is welcome!  I'm going insane trying to work out what's wrong.