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Need some advice on how to balance torque

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Jan 21, 2013 at 7:25 PM


I'm having trouble creating the vehicle behavior I want.  Basically I have a vehicle similar to the car in the Farseer Sample, except I've decreased the vehicle mass quite a bit and increased the MaxMotorTorque on the rear wheel LineJoint.

The result is a car that accelerates much faster than the demo.  Great, that's what I wanted.  The problem is the car will back spin out of control once in the air due to the torque/angular momentum.  

Any ideas on how I can keep the vehicle acceleration/speed while on the ground while controlling how much spin is generated while in the air?  I tried reducing the rear wheel mass, but at a certain point doing so just causes the suspension to essentially collapse for some reason.  I've also tried increasing the mass of the front wheel, but that's now what I'm looking for either.

I guess I need one behavior for the ground and another while in the air... so that begs the question, how can I tell when my rear tire is no longer in contact with anything?  I tried OnSeparation but that isn't telling me what I want (gets called when separating from any body, even though it might still be in contact with another body).


Many thanks for reading and for your thoughts,