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How to add multiple behaviors to a single body?

Mar 24, 2009 at 5:50 PM
Hi all, first... farseer is amazing! Perfect solution for my project.

Okay, I'm currently overengineering pong, and I'm having a little trouble with a couple implementations. Beyond the obvious, there are a couple of spring-like behaviors I want my paddle to have. I want it to be able to be drawn back, like a spring being compressed. Then, when it is let go, it will snap back to where it was, hitting the ball much harder (much like the spring on a pinball table).

Actually, pinball is perfect as an analog, because the other behavior I'm wanting to do is very similar to a pinball flipper. I want the paddle to rotate (to a maximum of 45 degrees), hold there (like a compressed spring), and then when released, I want it to be able to hit the ball, imparting spin.

Is this natively implementable in farseer, or will I have to extend the engine?

If this isn't very clear or well-written, I apologize. Let me know, and I will rewrite if necessary.

Thanks a bunch,