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Collision category not working

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Feb 16, 2014 at 5:08 PM

I am using Farseer Engine3.5 and seeing an issue with objects colliding when they shouldn't be.
I have assigned each object-type a different collision category and set their CollidesWith property to the category of each object type they are supposed to collide.

This works for most of the time, but I am seeing collision between two objects that are not supposed to collide.
The debugger in CollisionCallBack shows the following values for two fixtures:
Fixture A:
    _collidesWith : Cat1 | Cat5 | Cat11
    _collisionCategories : Cat4

Fixture B:
    _collidesWith : Cat2
    _collisionCategories : Cat7
The collision group for both these fixtures show up as 0.

Can anybody tell me a reason why they might be colliding