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Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 Development

Jun 23, 2009 at 3:11 AM

As you might now, Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 is the next big step in our development. Details of what this version is going to include and how it performs compared to Farseer Physics Engine 2.1 can be seen here.

We are working hard to get a good foundation for Farseer Physics Engine 3.0. We have recruited Paul Bergeron (dinedal) to help us with the porting of a lot of C++ code to C#. With the great help from both Matthew and Paul, we have finally ported over a compiling version of Box2D to C#. Don't get too excited, it only compiles; we still need to make it work. We have yet to test it, but we are pretty sure that it will blow up the first time it runs.

Hopefully we can get a working version soon. As soon as Box2D has released version 2.1, we begin to implement all the changes necessary to make it a genuine Farseer Physics Engine. The port only serves as a foundation and we have a long road to walk before we are ready for a release.

We will keep you updated on our progress.