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Another Basic Geometry Collision Problem

Aug 5, 2009 at 2:20 AM

Alright I got my last issue solved, but now I have a new problem, and I have a feeling it may just have to do with tweaking values. I got rid of all my game objects to focus on the physics. I have a floor with a rectangle sticking out of it. I wanted to make it so that if the player is on the ground, the linear velocity y = 0; The player is represented by a square. The collision with the edge of the "step" works, but it still launches the player upward. (the player is 128x128 and the step is 128x32, so I assume it calculates that the player will sort of slide up the side) However, there are some really weird things going on. If I bump my players into the block and move backwards, it will be like he is moving up invisible slopes, the slowly drop down to the platform. If I move the player really slowly, I can see that the edges of the geometry detect collision properly, and the objects are not moving fast enough for it to be a tunneling effect. I'll try to upload a video on youtube of this

Aug 5, 2009 at 2:25 AM

Have you tried to use the PhysicsSimulatorView.cs file from the samples? it is a debug view that shows you how the physics simulator sees things.

Also, as a side note. Could you not include Farseer Physics in the youtube title? I'm just worried that people get the wrong idea about Farseer Physics - when they search for Farseer Physics on youtube, all they see is movies about game bugs and failed implementations and not Farseer Physics itself.