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Problem with my destructible objects

Oct 18, 2009 at 10:46 PM

Hello all, I am having an issie. I am working on a game as a school project, and running out of time. So instead of creating a destructible object class as I should have, it's pretty sloopy.. yet effective. It basically does this. Each instance of a destructible object collides with my players projectile. After being hit enough, it calls a Destruct() function which removes the first body and geom, and creates a number of smaller ones in it's place. This worked fine, but they didn't break interesting enough. I used the idea from the grenades in Demo 7 of the advanced samples, to apply a force where the original body was. (I also had to make a small timer, a few ms before applying the force. Must have been some overhead creating and setting all the bodies and geoms) Here's what happens. If I make sort of a grid of destructible objects (I plan to use them to break from the ceiling into a pit with spikes so the player can travel across) the first few act alright, but after a few of them, it seems the force is still lingering, as it will push my projectiles out of their path. I see that forces are removed after each update, so any idea what could be causing this?