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Farseer Physics Engine 3.3

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Released: Mar 19, 2011
Updated: Mar 20, 2011 by genbox
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Recommended Download

Source Code Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 Samples XNA
source code, 605K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 1983 downloads

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Source Code Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 Class
source code, 319K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 522 downloads
Source Code Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 XNA
source code, 321K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 677 downloads
Source Code Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 Silverlight
source code, 321K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 331 downloads
Source Code Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 HelloWorld XNA
source code, 398K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 484 downloads
Application Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 Testbed XNA
application, 511K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 441 downloads
Application Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 SimpleSamples Silverlight
application, 383K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 333 downloads

Release Notes


Here is the 3.3 release with all its goodies:

Farseer Physics Engine 3.3 - Swiss army knife of physics

I would like to thank Helge Backhaus for his tremendous work on the samples and all his contributions to our great project. I would also like to thank Matthew Bettcher for his port of marching squares and great work packing it all into a neat API. A thanks also goes out to David Reschke for continued work on his texture to vertices algorithm.

New features

  • New samples for XNA
    • Unified on all platforms. Should work the same on WP7, Xbox360 and PC
  • RopeJoint now works
  • Support for cloning of bodies, fixtures and shapes
  • Brand new HelloWorld sample
  • World.Clear() clears the whole world
  • New and improved texture to vertices code
  • Serialization support using the Box2DScene format
  • Marching squares algorithm with destructible terrain
  • New LineJoint works as a car suspension joint
    • There is also a FixedLineJoint version
  • More checks in code to prevent NaN floats
  • BodyFactory creates bodies with attached fixtures
    • FixtureFactory now only attaches fixtures to existing bodies
  • All fixture properties have been wrapped into Body. Body.Restitution now changes restitution on all attached fixtures
  • BuoyancyController has been added
  • Andrew's Monotone Chain Algorithm convex hull algorithm added
  • Body.IgnoreCCD makes the body ignore CCD even if it is static.
  • QuadTree based broad phase algorithm added.
    • Default is still Dynamic Tree
  • New arc shape
    • use BodyFactory.CreateLineArc() and CreateSolidArc() to create arcs.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

Breaking changes

  • BodyFactory is now the main factory for creating physics elements

Known issues

  • LoopShape and closed arc shapes does not work with bodies that have several fixtures attached.
  • SliderJoint does not work correctly.
  • Racing Car demo from samples does not have WP7 controls.
  • VelocityLimitController does not work correctly.
  • SeidelDecomposer might give unexpected results on other platforms than XNA.
  • MSTerrain is not included in class and silverlight projects

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