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Farseer Physics Engine Version

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Released: Oct 29, 2007
Updated: Oct 30, 2007 by crashlander
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Release Notes

A Silverlight Demo

This release fixes some bugs and adds a new feature. See below for the list of changes.

    • I apologize upfront for the headaches this may cause. The 'Geometry' object has been renamed to 'Geom'. You will need to do some global find-and-replace operations on your existing code. This was done do to a name collision with the Geometry object in Silverlight. I know Silverlight developers could use an alias or the full namespace, but long term I did not want that. In fact, I have been doing Silverlight development and did not like the idea of always having to use an alias.
  • PhysicsSimulator
    • Added new SweepAndPrune BroadPhaseCollision option. This option can be toggled by setting PhysicsSimulator.BroadPhaseCollider. Default is brute force until SweepAndPrune. can be optimized. For now, consider this functionality to be in beta. Thanks to BioSlayer for this code, it was much needed and greatly appreciated.
    • Added code to remove any arbiters associated with geometries that are being removed from the simulator.
    • Changed the order the ProcessXXX methods were called. Put ProcessAddedItems 1st to avoid confusion when add/remove is called without calling update in between.
  • Mathematics.Calculator
    • Added DegreesToRadians method.
  • Collision.Vertices
    • Added CalculateMomentOfInertia() to make it easy to get the moment of inertia for a polygon. (Thanks again go to BioSlayer for his code.)
    • Fixed a nasty collision bug that would appear with semi-complex geometries.
  • Global
    • Did some performance tuning by replacing some existing method calls with inline logic.
  • RevoluteJoint
    • Changed default biasFactor to .2 from .8. For stability purposes.
  • Body
    • Changed the ApplyImpulse logic to store impulses applied externally and have the PhysicsSimulator apply the summed impules all at once. Joints and Arbiter now call internal method "ApplyImmediateImpulse"

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