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Farseer Physics Engine Version

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Released: Nov 26, 2007
Updated: Nov 28, 2007 by crashlander
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Release Notes

Another Farseer Physics Engine Update.

    • This version is built against the XNA 2.0 Beta. If you are still using XNA 1.1 then you should stick with the previous version.
    • Changed Body.GetVelocityAtPoint to Body.GetVelocityAtLocalPoint. This was to differentiate if from the new method Body.GetVelocityAtWorldPoint
  • Added Body.GetVelocityAtWorldPoint and Body.ApplyForceAtWorldPoint methods.
  • Update Broadphase Collision As follows:
    • Add IBroadPhaseCollider interface
    • Created a BruteForceCollider that implements IBroadPhaseCollider.
    • Added SweepAndPruneCollider that implements IBroadPhaseCollider (Thanks Andy Jones)
    • Added SelectiveSweepCollider that implements IBroadPhaseCollider (Thanks BioSlayer)
    • Made SelectiveSweepCollider the default. While I found the SweepAndPruneCollider faster in most cases, SelectiveSweep seems for forgiving in general situations.
    • Added SetBroadPhaseCollider(IBroadPhaseCollider) to PhysicsSimulator.
    • All the broad phase stuff is still somewhat in flux. It could change again in the future.
  • Added a Demo8: Broad Phase Collision Stress Test.
  • Renamed Calculator.PiX2 to Calculator.TwoPi to be consistent with XNS math library.
  • Added FluidDragController to simulate rigid bodies in water or other liquids.
  • Added a number of LineIntersection methods. These can be used to test for intersection of two lines or lines and Geoms. The methods can be found in the new CollisionHelper class. (Thanks to Jeremy Bell for the code.)

NOTE: I have not had a chance to test the XBOX 360 version yet. When I do, if it doesn't work, I'll fix it and re-upload.

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