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The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine designed for Microsoft’s XNA and Silverlight platforms. The Farseer Physics Engine focuses on simplicity, useful features, and enabling the creation of fun, dynamic games.*


  • General
    • Easy To Use!
    • Support for XNA (XBOX 360 and Windows)
    • Support for Silverlight (1.1 and above)
    • Support for Managed .Net Languages In General
  • Collison
    • Concave and Convex Polygons Supported
    • Multiple Collision Geometries Per Body
    • Collision Categories For Complex Interaction Between Physics Objects
    • Collision Callback Mechanism
  • Dynamics
    • Joints
      • Revolute Joint (body to body or fixed to world)
      • Angle Joint (body to body or fixed to world)
      • Slider (Prismatic) Joint
      • Pin (Distance) Joint
    • Force Controllers
      • Linear Spring
      • Angular Spring
      • Easy To Build Custom Force Controllers (Explosions, Steering Behaviors, etc.)
  • Support and Debugging
    • Built In Debug Viewer To View All Major Physics Objects
    • Samples Framework With Samples Covering All Major Engine Features.
    • User Manual (in progress)


  • Erin Catto (Author of Box2D)
  • Bill Riess (Silverlight Port)
  • BioSlayer (Physics2D)

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