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Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 versus Box2D.XNA rev 57274

Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 is built on Box2D.XNA rev 57274. Since then we have optimized our build to be as fast as possible, and here are the results.
Note: The Pyramid sample is present in both Farseer Phycis Engine 3.0 and Box2D.XNA. The base count (number of boxes at the bottom) is noted in the tests.

Xbox 360
Pyramid with base 12:
FPE3.0: 695000 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 865000 ticks

FPE3.0 is 24.4% faster

Pyramid with base 20:
FPE3.0: 2240000 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 2760000 ticks

FPE3.0 is 23.2% faster

23.5% faster on average

PC: Xeon 2.33 Ghz
Pyramid with base 20:
FPE3.0: 13000 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 20100 ticks

FPE3.0 is 54.6% faster

Pyramid with base 24:
FPE3.0: 22200 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 32200 ticks

FPE3.0 is 45.0% faster

Pyramid with base 30:
FPE3.0: 34032 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 50166 ticks

FPE3.0 is 47.4% faster

Pyramid with base 35:
FPE3.0: 46805 ticks
Box2D.XNA: 69943 ticks

FPE3.0 is 49.4% faster

48.58% faster on average

Pictures of PC
I took some pictures of the samples running.
Box2D.XNA with 30 base count:
FPE 3.0 with 30 base count:
Box2D.XNA with 35 base count:
FPE 3.0 with 35 base count:

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