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Acknowldgments and Contributers

Ian Qvist

The project manager and main developer on the Farseer Physics Engine. He took over the project in 2008 and created version 2.x based on Box2d. His blog can be found at Whatever crossed my mind.

Jeff Weber

Jeff created the original version of the Farseer Physics Engine 1.x back in 2008. His games and blog can be found at Farseer Games.

Erin Catto

Erin is the author of Box2D, a 2D Physics Engine written in C++. Farseer Physics Engine before 2.x was built using much of the techniques and code from Box2D Lite (ported to C#). Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 and above is built on Box2D, ported to C#. Box2D can be found here: Box2D

Farseer Physics Engine 3.1

Matthew Bettcher
Matt updated the core Box2D code to new Box2D revisions and ported over the RopeTest to FPE 3.1. He also reduced the garbage generation inside the debug view for XNA and fixed a couple of bugs.

Bishoy Labib
Contributed the SimpleSamples for Silverlight together with the Silverlight debug view.

Robert Dodd
Fixed the dominoes test and fixed the drawing of FixedRevoluteJoints inside DebugViewXNA

Nicolás Hormazábal
Contributed patch 7207 - an explosive class.

Helge Backhaus
Contributed patch 6482, 6483 and 6484 - The YuPeng clipper algorithm and a bunch of bugfixes around in the library.

Farseer Physics Engine 3.0

The Box2D.XNA team
Ported over Box2D to C#. With their effort we could build FPE 3.0 on Box2D - they deserve a big thanks!

Matthew Bettcher
Matthew updated the Path class and created a Testbed sample. He fixed various bugs and did a great job of porting over a lot of changes from Box2D.

David Reschke
Contributed the texture-to-polygon code.

Marvin Killing
Ellipse shape support

Simple samples in WPF and build script

Contributed the Melkman algorithm.

Helge Backhaus
Contributed the YuPeng clipper to clip/union polygons on the fly.

Jonathan Smars
Contributed the rounded rectangle code to the engine.

Contributed the capsule polygon code to the engine.

Farseer Physics Engine 2.1 and before

Bill Reiss (Silverlight Port)

Bill Reiss is responsible for the Farseer Physics Engine 2.x Silverlight support. Bill figured out what needed to change in order to support this platform and added the missing pieces. Bill also ported all the XNA demos in the Farseer Physics samples project to Silverlight. Silverlight Samples

Bill is the owner of Blue Rose Games
Bill also run the popular Silverlight Games 101 blog

Jeremy Bishop and Stefan Warias (Farseer Physics Logo)

I'd like to thank Jeremy Bishop of Zampano Studios for facilitating the creation of the Farseer Physics Logo and Stefan Warias for creating it.

JonoPorter (from Physics2D)

  • Collision Grid Code
  • SelectiveSweep broad phase collider
  • JonoPorter has his own 2D Physics Engine for .Net (Physics2D).
Andy Jones
SweepAndPrune broad phase collider

Jeremy Bell
LineIntersection methods in CollisonHelper

Daniel Pramel
Fixes, Scaling and InactivityController

Laszlo Perneky
Multithreading sample

Serialization support

Contributed the boolean polygon tools.

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