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Farseer Physics Engine 3.5 Under Development

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What is Farseer Physics Engine?

Farseer Physics Engine is a collision detection system with realistic physics responses. This means you can create a game or robotic simulation easily using the engine and the associated tools. Everything from a simple hobby game to a complex robotic simulation is possible with Farseer Physics Engine. Download the latest version and checkout our documentation.



Farseer Physics Engine is based on Box2D, which means we have a lot of features in common. However, we also have a lot more features that are not included in the Box2D engine. See a list in our documentation.
  • Continuous collision detection (with time of impact solver)
  • Contact callbacks: begin, end, pre-solve, post-solve
  • Convex and concave polyons and circles.
  • Multiple shapes per body
  • Dynamic tree and quad tree broadphase
  • Fast broadphase AABB queries and raycasts
  • Collision groups and categories
  • Sleep management
  • Friction and restitution
  • Stable stacking with a linear-time solver
  • Revolute, prismatic, distance, pulley, gear, mouse joint, and other joint types
  • Joint limits and joint motors
  • Controllers (gravity, force generators)
  • Tools to decompose concave polygons, find convex hulls and boolean operations
  • Factories to simplify the creation of bodies

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