RagDoll is shaking

Hello, I created my own RagDoll in FarseerPhysics Physical world. Unfortunately, ragdoll is shaking if lying, has stretched arms and frame period is between <1/80; 1/400>. Surprisingly if motorsp...

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SubdivideEvenly: bug?

Hi! Calling EvenlyDistributeShapesAlongPath with "copies" always returns me a path with one copy less than the specified number. Also, the path is not created between the two specified points in ...

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Body rotation is counterclockwise?

Farseers coordinate system appears to rotate objects counterclockwise when a POSITIVE rotation is applied to them. This is counter-intuitive and also counter to XNA standard. body.Rotat...

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BodyFactory.CreateCircle UserData applied to Fixture instead of Body

Creating a body using BodyFactory.CreateCircle and giving a userData sets the UserData of the Fixture to the given value and doesn't change the Body's UserData.

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Problem in Contact

i have a problem in contact class when a collision Occur i change a body type from kinematic to dynamic and this change cause a null problem. i add a line in contact to resolve this but i dont now ...

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Allow setting Body.Enabled to false in OnCollisionEventHandler for that body

I think it's reasonable to expect a user to want to disable a body in the collision event handler. Previously I was removing all unused bodies from the world but I read in these forums it was bette...

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BodyID = 0

Hello I am just testing Farseer Physics and I have encountered a weird behavior I have got a timer which calls the Update method which then calls the world.Update method. But when I try to add a bo...

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body.DeepClone does not copy event listeners or assign an ID when graduating from bodyAdded

When I call DeepClone on a Body, I'm expecting to see the OnCollisionEventHandler (as well as for separation) copied in the clone process, but they are not. In addition, any body copied in this wa...

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ResetMassData in DestroyFixture()

I've run into a bit of unexpected behavior when using Body.DestroyFixture(). For this particular instance, I'm calculating my own mass and inertia for my body, rather than letting the engine autoca...

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Collisions in 3.5

I'm curious how collisions (and possibly restitution) have changed in Farseer Physics 3.5. I tried switching to 3.5 in my XNA project (upgrading from an unmodified 3.3.1), and the collision physics...

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