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Farseer 3.0 peeking

Mar 23, 2010 at 9:06 PM

Hey guys,

I appreciate all your work on the update.


I've finally started to glance into the code for Farseer 3.0, and have noticed that a lot more has changed

than I anticipated. There's no Geom from the looks of it, and I'm not seeing the SliderJoint. There's a "World"

now? Is that supposed to be PhysicsSimulator? Remember, I'm just peeking in, but it looks like there's a whole

lot different from the previous version.


So, Geom, World, SliderJoint, can you explain these?




Mar 23, 2010 at 9:48 PM

@oranjoose: As we stated when we first start to write 3.x, it will be a complete overhaul. Most of the names are strait carry overs from Box2D 2.1.x, but we just haven't changed the names to match those of the 2.x engine.

  • World - this is the PhysicsSimulator
  • Fixture - these are the Geoms
  • PrismaticJoint - this is a slider joint

There are tons of other examples, but I've only listed the ones you mentioned. I suppose we (the developers) should take a poll on whether users would like the names to change back to the 2.x style. All of these changes have different constructors and methods of initializing as well as different properties and fields. I have been working on new samples for the new engine and these new names are something I keep considering changing the names. I'm not sure if it will cause more confusion or less. Almost all the methods have changed. Farseer 3.x is definitely not a simple upgrade for your games, unless you have the physics well abstracted from everything else.  I gave a little more info in this thread


Mar 23, 2010 at 10:00 PM


Thanks for being so quick to reply


I don't find it necessary to actually change the names in the code. I vote to keep them the way they are,

however, I do recommend a piece of documentation that states where everything went from Farseer 2.1.x.

"Farseer 3.0 Reference Guide from Farseer 2.1.x" or something.


I'm going to begin to port my game's code to work with Farseer 3.0. I am pretty confident in my parter's

and my skills at the process, as we both understand the Farseer Engine fairly well, and our code is very

modular and organized.


We will most likely report back with problems we encounter(ed) to perhaps help document the process.


Thanks again!


Mar 23, 2010 at 10:25 PM

Sounds good. I like your idea on a differences white paper. I'll try to get something together once I have some free time.