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PLEASE READ - Rules for posting questions!

Mar 26, 2010 at 11:16 PM

Here are just some quick guidelines for posting questions to the Farseer Physics Forums.

  1. Spend for then 30 min researching your question first.
  2. Make sure you understand your problem.
  3. Read the manual first.
  4. Try to limit your question to physics based problems. Some XNA graphics questions are OK when they involve the samples rendering engine. Please PM me (mattbettcher) for all graphics related questions first.
  5. Describe your question with great detail.
  6. Provide a sample snippet or test project demonstrating where you think your problem is, if applicable.
  7. If your question involves a theory of yours be detailed in how your theory should work and methods you think could solve your problem.
  8. Never assume we know anything about your game. I.e. - side scroller, top down view, ...
  9. Don't be afraid to draw a simple picture in Paint to describe your problem visually. Doing this can help us tremendously.

If you follow these rules you might find the answer on your own! Or better yet you will be able to give us a great description of the problem and we will be able to quickly help you!

Please post all suggestions, additions, helpful links to this post and I will add them to this list.