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Platform Edge Physics

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Sep 15, 2011 at 9:50 PM

I started using Farseer about a week ago and so far I am loving it, it's very simple to use and seems really flexible. However, I have run into a small problem. I've created a platformer test application using the square mounted on a ball method, where the players feet are a ball which is connected by a joint to the square body. It works very well from what I've seen, as it can travel irregular terrain well. However, there is a slight problem when the character moves over a slanted edge. For instance, if a character is on top of a raised area that looks like a trapezoid, or a hill that comes directly to a point, the player, when moving off of the platform, will literally launch off of the platform at a speed 2-3 times that of which he was originally moving. However, this does not happen if the ledge is a straight drop off. I've tried tinkering with a few settings, but can't get it to let the user move off the ledge at normal speed. Does anyone know of anyway to prevent this large increase in speed?