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Fixture versus body, and which factory to use?

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Dec 25, 2011 at 12:11 AM

So, I've been trying to integrate farseer into a new project I'm starting. I got my start from this tutorial, which was based off of 3.2.

I'm using 3.3, however, and none of the FixtureFactory.Create* methods seem to be there anymore. Does this mean I've installed farseer wrong?

However, many of the samples show use of a BodyFactory.CreateRectangle and other Create* methods. However, this outputs a body, not a fixture. How is that body used in relation to fixtures? I was always under the impression that a body was a point, and that a shape defined its geometry, and that they needed to be binded together with a fixture, so I guess I'm confused as to how a a rectangle could be created and outupt a body.

Am I totally misunderstanding this? Thanks!