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Documentation Regarding Factories

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Jun 2, 2012 at 8:07 PM

I would like to clarify what seems to be either outdated or incorrect information on the documentation page regarding factories (

The documentation indicates that using the BodyFactory will simply create a Body object with an empty fixtures list:

Body body = BodyFactory.CreateBody([params]);

Fair enough.  Sounds accurate.

The documentation continues to show how to create a body, then a shape, then how to attach the shape to the body using a fixture as individual steps.  All good.

But then the documentation says that you can create all 3 objects using a single ine of code:

Fixture fixture = FixtureFactory.CreateCircle([params]);

Incorrect, yes?  Shouldn't the code be:

Body body = BodyFactory.CreateCircle([params]);

Clarification would be much appreciated.