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My game has done gone screwy on FP 2.1.

Jun 18, 2009 at 4:44 AM

Ok maybe I'm being dramatic, but I'm tired of trying to debug.

I'm using FP 2.1 with Silverlight.  I upgraded today and almost everything worked ok.  The one problem I've seem to run into is with a particular level.

Basically in this level you go through a little path made up of "walls" going through "gates".  When you pass through the last gate everything dissapears and you go into a new section of walls and gates.

Despite having some serious trouble in my code, it worked fine in FP 2.0, when I migrated to 2.1 it stopped working so fine.  Well I did run down some serious collision events being fired, and some other code screw ups, but I cleared that up.  Still I've got screwyness.

The exact nature of the screwyness is as follows:

When I am transitioning between sections, there can be some tremendous lag.  To the point where I can get a NaN somewhere if things don't clear up soon.  I believe the source of the trouble might be the gates, because if I take them out (or all but one to pass in between sections), things seem to improve.

I've done everything, including create a Pool for the gates, so I only create about 15 at the beginning of my level, and it doesn't help.

Here's my theory:

though I make sure to remove all my geoms and body before I start adding anything new, Farseer hasn't yet (I see it gets added to a list of some kind), so it creates a bunch of collisions, but why didn't I have the problem is FP2.0?

I'm going to see tommorow that by offsetting sections by a safe distance my problem will go away.

Jun 18, 2009 at 2:32 PM

Would it be possible for you to send me the code? I would gladly take a look at it if it is a bug Farseer lurking somewhere.

If you contact me using codeplex I will reply with my own email and you can then send me the code.